“This was the most interesting and inspiring thing I have ever witnessed. I saw this at The Tree of
Healing Conference in Spokane, Washington on June 4, 2010. Brought me to tears many times.”
-Barbara Beck


3 Minute Scene from “Dakota 38” from Smooth Feather on Vimeo.

From Silas Hagerty: “In the spring of 2005, Lakota Spiritual Leader Jim Miller had a dream where he rode 330 miles on horseback.He eventually came to a river bank in Mankato Minnesota where he saw 38 of his own ancestors hanged. Jim soon discovered that he had dreamt of the largest mass hanging in United States history ordered by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. In December of 2008, Jim and many others retraced the route of his dream on horseback as a means of bringing healing and reconciliation to all. “DAKOTA 38″ is a feature length documentary film by Smooth Feather Productions which tells the story of this 330 mile journey.”

Silas is a fellow gift economy brother and his talents and his intentions exceed words…Thank you Silas for taking the time and attention to tell this story. I know in the beginning you did not know why you were there but I know you found that answer and I bow to you!

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Silas has created his films in service to others…I am a believer we can support each other and all share our gifts. He sets an example for the new paradigm!


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  1. We must shift our perception of ourselves from separation to Oneness and of all our relations, both the ones we think we love and the ones we think we hate, who are also One with us. Once this happens our minds are free letting Divine Love, Light and Grace fill the heart and it flowers and we wake up from the dream of separation. This is done by looking inside and reliving all the experiences we previously saw darkly divinely and understanding the conditioning that created them in the first place. Then we can forgive from a place of knowing who everyone really is–the Oneness. We are forgiving our continual mis-perceptions so that we no longer mis-perceive. This heals our heart and allows Divine Love to flood it and project Itself unto the whole world until the whole world reflects It back to us. Let us all do this Now if you have not already done so. This is the way the world is healed. Free, Divinely Loving and Blissful individuals create a happy world. We already know what kind of world unloving thoughts have created, now let us co-create divinely on Earth our Creator’s Will Knowing our Oneness with Him and each other instead of falsely continuing to believe we are separate and need to compete to survive. Now you can clearly see the difference in Living from Divine Love to living from fear. They create two different worlds, but only in perception. Suffering and the belief in separation can only be in the perception, never in the apparent fact, and it is always a projection of what one holds in one’s heart. What are you projecting, fear and separation or Divine Love and Oneness?

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Daniel….Such a timely message…and the question you ask is a good one…This film is about healing and letting go…
    It is powerful and often we must let go first before we can embrace the Divine LOVE and Oneness…

    I vote for projecting Divine Love….and Oneness…

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