BeSimply…Healing Power of LOVE by Dr. Leonard Laskow


The Healing Power of LOVE

Deeply rooted in my core is the knowing and understanding that we can heal from within.

About Dr. Laskow

Leonard Laskow is a physician, trained at Stanford as an OB-GYN, who has studied the healing power of love for the past 33 years. He coined the term Holoenergetic Healing, by which he means healing with the energy of the “whole.” Dr. Laskow found that it takes energy to maintain separation and that as we bring ourselves into wholeness, the energy of separation is liberated. This energy can then be consciously directed to facilitate our body’s healing response. Dr. Laskow now teaches this process to healing professionals and lay people and is a consultant in Behavioral and Energy Medicine in Ashland, Oregon.

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