BeSimply…Lewis Gordon Pugh


Lewis shares how one can completely change and approach something with an open mind.

Ultimately, discovering and mastering what seems, “to be impossible”.

To be perfectly honest…this might have felt impossible

and required Lewis to throw out fundamental approaches he had mastered to succeed swimming pool.

HMMM…maybe it is time to think about embodying this reflection.

“After he swam the North Pole, Lewis Pugh vowed never to take another cold-water dip. Then he heard of Lake Imja in the Himalayas, created by recent glacial melting, and Lake Pumori, a body of water at an altitude of 5300 m on Everest — and so began a journey that would teach him a radical new way to approach swimming and think about climate change..”From TEDTalk


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  1. Kimberly Miller says:

    Wow – amazing feat and a truly wonderful message that we all need to think about! Love it.

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