BeSimply…Quartz Crystal


A Soul Sister has popped up…and this message just came through her…the connection to the grid runs deep and the resonance of her words is very important…This will help everyone align their frequencies…

“Kiehsa – Little Grandmothers  Urgent Advice – to use QUARTS – Crystals  NOW:

Mother Earth is awakening.. much is being done in the coming days.. and we Must unite each other in love and to Gaia Beloved Mother.. this is important dear family and i will write extensively on this very soon.. but please.. gather yourselves a piece of quarts crystal and wear it around your neck.. IT is time to reconnect ourselves to Mother..

A small piece of quarts crystal on a simple leather twine or another natural necklace.. it doesn’t have to be big.. it can be small.. place it around your neck.. place them on your children.. on your loved ones.. The energy of Mother is bei…ng reclaimed by the loving human being and her crystals, her heart and her link to our own energy is being renewed… this is more important than i can express here.. but do this my family.. and wear it day and night.. There will be more explained at a later date.. but it is time for us to do this now not later.. gather together yourselves and wear once again the crystals that unite us with the Mother Energy of our planet..

Before you place them around your neck hold the crystal in your hands and pray with all of your heart.. all of your goodness all of your Great I AM to connect us the human race in love to the crystals of Mother Earth and Her love, her intentions and Her conciousness! In love wear a bit of sacred mother around your neck.. so that as the crystals are awoken on planet earth this energy will link to you… and we become united as we once were during the days of Atlantis when Mother Earth and Her children were ONE!

Please spread this info to those you love.. Let every member of the Tribe of Many Colors here my words and connect to one another and Mother with a small peice of quarts…

A clear quarts crystal.. just clear quarts… and yes please share this info.. the children of men will once again remember who they are and stand… to defend their mother and themselves threw love… we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is upon us to unite with Mother Gaia again.. let our hearts beat as one.. Clear quartz is what is needed!!l” Keisha


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