All You Need is Love…BeSimply…LOVE


I know we want to make it complex but really I think they said it best…

All we need is LOVE.

It matters not who you love

When you love, Why you love

Where you love,or How you love

It matters only …that you love

John Lennon


2 Responses to “All You Need is Love…BeSimply…LOVE”

  1. Lion says:

    What’s your definition of love?

  2. admin says:

    Love…Good question…
    “Aham Prema”, I am Divine Love!
    I am not sure I can put it into words; however, when I connect to my heart center and stay there…
    I feel a love for self and all of humanity. It is unexplainable and it is euphoria for me.
    It is that love that keeps me in my highest and best expression of self.

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