BeSimply…Half Past Human with Clif High


It was a warm summer day in Roberts Creek. “She” had arranged to have a meeting with a mysterious being named “Phong”. He was sharing his vision for a platform dedicated to finding the connection between dreams, serendipity and world events.  During their discussion Phong shared with “She” a link to an interview with a gentleman named, Clif High from Half Past Human. As Phong, described to “She” that he had an analysis program (an ALTA) that studied the psychic leaks of the humans using the internet.

Over the next few days, “She” shared this information with “He”. They suddenly became intrigued by the information Clif was sharing. “She” enjoyed the first interview “She” listened to, Clif’s non-attachment and the certainty in the information being presented resonated with “She”.  It was after hearing the data forecasted an up and comping tipping point (with a lot of release language) that, “She” became even more intrigued with Clif’s work. As “She” followed his forecasts and observed how the events were unfolding and how the release of this information was altering the course of events to some extent or moving them to other locations around the globe. Clif’s data presented a level of objectivity and omitted information that could possibly skew the forecasts. Like the weather these forecasts can change because as Clif will acknowledge we are an energetic universe that creates itself and collapses on itself over and over…there is always the potential for a different outcome.

One evening, “She” and “He” had a deep spiritual experience as they listened to and interview by Veritas. Clif’s candor, emotion and love for humanity was shared in this interview. A key factor to remember is that Clif was completely detached from being right or convincing any one of anything. Ultimately, this led “She” to finally request an interview. Their conversation flowed for well over two hours. “She” was left with a million more questions.

“She” would like you to meet Clif High, a man from Washington State. He often refers to himself as an old bald guy that likes to cook, sail, and explore higher states of consciousness. His scripture is a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, buy silver, know where your towels are and Fearless Living. “She” would describe him as an Asymmetrical Sage in the kitchen and out, a playful child, with a occupational side affect of depression potentially induced by his honorable commitment in this moment to his work (which requires him to emerse himself in horrific data). “She” would describe him as a “Fearless Hero”.

To hear the voice behind the mystery man….grab a chair, a cup of tea or coffee and stay awhile, I guarantee you will want to hear more.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Inspirations of Creation from our conversation: (check out more click here)


39 Responses to “BeSimply…Half Past Human with Clif High”

  1. AlterEgoTrip says:

    Thank you for this interview and posting this, much to listen to and enjoy. The heart of that last part, concerning the Jain ideas rang out very interesting concerning the rareness of this perspective.

    Best wishes to you!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for taking the time…yes, I agree…

    Blessings to you!

  3. Joe M. says:

    I have listened to many of these interviews with Clif over the years and this has to be the best ever. It was not ALTA-centric but humanity-centric. You did a great interview. Thanks,

    Joe M.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you! Clif is an amazing man…Tune back in for the next interview.
    Many blessings,


  5. jerald anthony says:

    Thank you for your genuinely dedicated contribution to the present unfolding. Nice to get an update on the current perspective of C.H. jerald

  6. admin says:

    I am in love with the moment and Humanity…Thank you for tuning in and showing up…
    Deep Bow, Suzanne

  7. Excellent work – keep it up!

  8. Ed Ebert Jr. says:

    The posted series offers a wonderful compendium of “what’s really so here now”. I am now 70 and in many many ways Cliff’s notions about how REALITY actually “works” at the individual personal level mirrors my present assessment … Hallelujah 🙂

    Now then, operating on a newly assembled notebook w/Win7 and the latest drivers and using the latest Firefox I have experienced numerous frustrations with your BlogRadio reception. After completing Part 1 the dis-functional player went into a “buffering stream” mode … aarrgh 🙁 Same with Part 2! Additionally, there are no facilities for stopping and backing up to hear again what was just said 🙂 I sincerely recommend employing a different “broadcast software” that offers the same facilities as WinAmp, Realplayer, etc.


  9. tiger says:

    I believe Cliff is wrong to say that the concept of ascension is “bs ” .Ascension does not mean “rapture” as in going to heaven .It means an elevation of one’s frequency created from energy and love and a desire to reach or ascend to a new level or dimension of consciousness.It involves the principal of leaving behind this world or dimension and its physical ideas and principals .It requires the leaving behind dogmatic ideas such as religion including his deep belief system in eastern ideas or religions .Not to say these ideas or wrong or bad but they are thoughts that are an integral part of this level of consciousness. Essentially he is completely earth bound ,meaning that he analysis everything in terms of physical or testable phenomina with no room for the concepts of ” spirituality ” or the power of things not seen or testable . For example the concept of ” star seeds” where higher level entities have incarnated into the earth plain at this time to help the human race free themselves of the bondage of the reptilians. Is this true I don’t know but to say this is “bs” is narrow minded and the belief system of someone totally and completely attached to earth and not likely to be one of those who actually does ascend .

  10. admin says:

    Hi. Tiger, Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. The beauty in
    talking with a linguist is one quickly learns that “words” have many different
    interpretations. This is based on our current experiences, vantage and belief
    system. I cannot speak for Clif; however, I did not perceive his concept as you did.
    What I have made as a practice during my own journey is when I feel strong opinion
    or have an emotional response to someone’s actions or words. I run and dive into
    what I am feeling and explore the concepts the other person is presenting…rather
    than placing labels or judgements on them or others. It is a practice that takes
    discipline and complete willingness to be open to what you receive once you go
    down that rabbit whole. In addition, if you take some time to explore Clif’s writings
    you will notice that he actually has “identified” a group of people with gnosis. Similar to
    as you have described above. Listen again, if you are inspired.

    Many Blessings and A Deep Bow.

  11. admin says:

    Hi. Ed,

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and I appreciate your comments
    and suggestions. I will look into the players…it is actually part of the to
    do list. I will be loading this on Vimeo shortly the entire talk.

    I will send you the link to enable you to go forward back and download
    if you are inspired..

    Thanks again, many blessings, Deep bow!


  12. tiger says:

    I am not sure what you are trying to say .Its clear what he said . The concept of ascension is “BS”. It couldn’t be more clear .I have read his writings as I have prescribed to his publications . If words have many meanings how could you interpret them in such a way (which I don’t comprehend) .SOOOO. let me be clear I am not judgemental in what he said , although you could say that using the word “BS” is . I do believe there are people here that are helping the human race to advance and will be “ascended ” sometime in the future .These individuals do not have to fit “Cliffs” predetermined beliefs or attitudes .Some may indeed be avid TV watchers.The point is that these souls are here to be a part of the human race in order to understand human faults and attributes by being a part of everyday life in the matrix instead of meditating 12 hours a day (Nothing is wrong with that , its just choice ) . There will be some of course who will not be ascended , but it is a choice that is appropriate for them .Neither is right or wrong , its simply individual choice .It appears from what he said, that he has chosen not to ascend . How could he if he doesn’t believe .Again , it appears to be his choice . If I am wrong then I’m wrong but I can only go by what he said , linguistics or not . I would refer you to as some idea as to what is going on in the lives of people who don’t fit the model that Cliff and apparently you prescribe .

  13. tiger says:

    Addendum: I believe every living person on this planet has the opportunity to ascend .Its their choice .It will be sad if I am wrong !!!!

  14. admin says:

    HI. Thank you for your comments…Yes, I agree everyone has the opportunity to ascend.
    The question is do we want to take the opportunity?

    This is the beauty in the fabric of life…we all have the opportunity to explore and
    express…I want to celebrate those expression and find out more to share these
    ideas with the world.

    You might want to e-mail clif your questions.

    Thank you again!

  15. Karen Romero says:

    That explanation of how this can be done peacefully is very profound. The Black Ops cannot have anymore pies, unless of course they want to tell thee TRUTH today publicly. And, they need to do so on mainstream media. And, unless mainstream media broadcasts the info to the world as much as they talk about Brittney Spears and other Hollywood crap…NO MORE PIES FOR THEM! Since the self absorbed ego maniacal people on this planet seem to have an inability to share their pie, then they start sharing their pies or no more pies for them! There, that is a very peaceful way of handling this.

    Karen Marie Romero

  16. admin says:

    Yes…peace is what is needed no more battles…
    Much love and peace to you…

  17. dreamlander says:

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  18. marc says:

    Hi. Nice show and good questions (from a precious sounding vox). I was surprised when he recommended M Tsarion’s work. Google the controversy. The controversy is from alternative thinkers, not mainstream – all the more reason to pay attention or be wary.

    Ascension. Working through our own karma makes logical sense. Yet it appears to me, No one, Really knows exactly how Karma plays out. One can easily devise complex ethical scenarios to see the improbability here. I and others I’ve shared with seem to agree that it is what we personally think or feel it to be. So careful with any innate sense of guilt or conditioning! The Tibetan Book of the Dead at least seems to confirm this… In the sense that you can “get it right” on your death bed.

    If (religious based) karma played out as the majority thinks, then how is it the super spiritual nation of Tibet get’s squashed? Or say the harmony with nature American Indians etc and so forth. And what about the ptb’s record!? After eons of outright murder > they are Still here…enjoying all the things that are banned for us.

    Good point about external saviors. Dave Wilcock’s latest presentation is about the “Management” and supposed cosmic “Rule” changes… I like Dave and certainly hope he’s not being used.

    Back to Ascension. The best way to look at is via physics. Our system is moving through space; which has (aetheric) density variation. There’s also the item about galactic core energies. Simply, radiations (as well as dust concentrations and pressure) effect life and consciousness. The question is whether we benefit from these, or fry. Note all the underground facilities. The Sun itself is what we need to “worry” about > Burp…

    Well, I’ve done the large doses of mesc, shrooms, dextromethorphan blah. I’ve had my billion to one synchronicity, the voices and visions, the metaphysical insights, the rapture of nonlocal oneness and apparent co creational ability…
    I still think that to be RID of fear (or any other so called lower frequency emotion etc) altogether is to be somehow less than human. Mystery Schools lean more towards the idea of Integration.
    I’m also annoyed and stupified that tho one can experience all this, you can subsequently go long stretches where nothing happens > and feeling stuck in the matrix with no connection to Source. This is what he meant by fear etc.

    Anyway, you hear amazing stories yes…but then (note how) these same people still lean on external sources for their info etc. This might not be quite fair however as we need balance.

    Over cool about this program Clif’s using to find patterns and that China is into it to. I do wonder how black op’s are coming along with A.I.

    Sometimes I think all these seeker/speakers are either pulling punches or don’t know the extent of things. Could be my schizo-ness but it just may run much deeper than anyone has yet to acknowledge.

    What do I mean? Take chemtrails…add nano robots that are added to the soup which we breath in. Add Haarp…add ET’S with their agendas…add scalar wave technology…add the so called (lower) astral planes…add the reality of Virtual Reality!! Add that we are within a food chain!!!

    I’m simply indicating that this craziness stretches beyond the town border, as it were. Interested parties, with scalar/multi dimensional sophistications, may eventually gain limited control over things we’ve always considered to be out of the reach of mortal men or et’s for that matter. I mean tampering with the very Inner (so called Higher Densities) Planes of Nature…..
    Worst case scenario would be like storming “Heaven”. Have you Ever considered or Ever even heard of a possible war being waged against Higher Selves??

    Another can of worms here; rather famous (russian I think) mystery schools claim that only Half the total population even has a Higher Self. I also read this same thing in “Val Valerian’s” Matrix books back in the 90’s.

    But I’m talking about the total interconnectedness of the universe. Note the hell here…if so, it can’t be just here! And what about the Hermetic axiom, as above SO below!? Get my drift??

    Whew, went off there but thanks for the interview. Mark from Mass.

    Let me close by saying it would appear that real Higher Selves are beyond being messed with. But the rest may make for quite a show.

    I myself would like to know if there’s anything behind the Tibetan Book of the Dead’s “Readings”. If so, it’s a crime we don’t provide this for all when possible. The Egyptians had something similar. Why just them!?

  19. admin says:

    Thank you for taking the time. I want to reply at greater length in the upcoming days.
    There are so many roads we can travel on this journey…It truly is an opportunity
    for exploration. I am constantly amazed at the infinite layers.

    Tibet is deeply embedded in my heart and these teachings hold many sacred understandings
    of the universe.

    Until then…keep smiling and asking the questions…

    Many blessings!


  20. Arijit Chatterjee says:

    I am from India. I have a question to Mr. Clif High that if something bad occurs in 2011 and 2012 and also on that big date dec21,2012, Is India going to suffer badly?

  21. admin says:

    I will add it to my list when I speak to him next…
    I believe he does have some data on the 2012 on youtube.

    Sending you love and stay in your heart…it will
    connect you to what you are looking for.


  22. Ed Ebert Jr. says:

    Admin Suzanne 🙂

    Ed here to apologize … I became familiar with your existing player and discovered that by simply clicking your cursor on the time-line display one restarts at that new time point … neat feature that simply needs to be illuminated so that it permits conscious viewer awareness of that function 🙂
    Love, Hugs ‘n Kisses,

  23. marc says:

    Vishnu says hi tho I’m a Celt from Massachusetts… But my heart goes out to all those farmers in India who’ve felt the need to off themselves – due to machinations of Monsanto and co. I recently read a yahoo news blurb on this which of course contained no mention of corporate tampering and putting it all on bad weather. Accomplices.

    One thing to remember is that the elite’s sciences can do most anything that some old religious text might go on about. From famine, disease, floods, earthquakes etc. It has been said that these groups have used the Book of Revelation As a Blueprint…

    Another point regarding 2012 is that this is simply an end date of a certain culture’s calendar (which happens to align with larger cycles; which is what some new agers say should be a our saving grace perhaps. But the likeliness of getting out of this mess intact will be up to us).
    There’s the item about galactic alignment. But this is a purely celestial phenomenon which means the window is necessarily large. So again, it obviously can’t happen on a set date; it is a Process which we’ve been in for sometime now > note the volcanoes and earthquakes we’ve already had.

    There are perhaps “two” major concerns. The Sun, which reacts to cosmic influences along with it’s own esoteric cycles. And the geo political game that’s being played out before our eyes. Food shortages etc ad infinitum. ALL this is by design as many now know. From fluoride to GMO seeds which are programmed to self destruct to HAARP to outright murder…

    I said “two” but god knows. There’s the Gulf situation that’s still a major concern. I read there’s been an ongoing oil leak somewhere around Java since 2006!!!

    Well, I’ve heard detractors of Cliff’s system. Twas the nature of his approach to word meanings. Whatever and it’s a cool idea to try in any case. He may not have it right yet tho…If what has been coming out recently is valid. This would be the admission (finally) of the reality of ET’s by mainstream sources (tho not in the US). There’s the item about the Chinese rocket off the coast of LA. There’s the Stuxnet (smart) virus and what’s been targeted and why, recent global bird and fish kills…
    According to some researchers All this stuff is tied together and I’ll agree at this time.

    Arijit, might I suggest, if you haven’t already, that you refer to your sidereal natal chart. Your Jyotish Rashi, which contains the predictive Dasas, which are dates indicating which planet rules at the time. Your astrological karma may have more to say than the news, if you get me.

    Not to sound totally messed in the head but it would be nice to have the option of an “easy out” if things get out of hand. The old dilemma… Makes me recall an old Norse story about a small tribe who revered their local cliff!! When things got too much…off they went. Hard lives.

    Can’t end like that so I’ll just say that we can focus on positive outcomes for all. Tho “creating your own reality” isn’t all that easy, there’s a grain of truth in this. And it is here that one can work with their natal chart.

    Regards, Mark

  24. Erik Robles says:

    A personal note to clif high. Thank you for turning me on to vegetarianism in 1990. I hope you remember me. Your words had always inspired me. Take care. Erik

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