Food Alchemist…”She” Emerges


Food Alchemist


Dining From Within

exploring Bare Naked Bliss

In the Kitchen, “She” explores and expresses her shamanic

and creative self through the medium of food.

“She” cooks with reckless abandon,

with her intuition,

while exploring cultures and revealing the healing powers of food

and to awaken lost traditions.

“She” is here to return these inspirations and wisdoms

to the Kitchen and the Dining Experience.

Which Ultimately provides US with an opportunity to

create a deeper connection with our food and each other.

BOTH of these provide a unique opportunity to

find balance within ourselves and our tribes.

Ultimately, leaving all of us filled with love, satisfaction and embracing perfection.

(our true nature)

Dining From Within & Alchemy with Suzanne

Welcome “She” into your Home, Restaurant or Tea/Coffe Shop

the Food Alchemist and Indian Mystic at Heart.

She will co-create the experience, the menu and prepare the food.

During this mystical experience she integrates the art of conversation

with guided questions for you and your guests,

information for you to share about the nourishing and medicinal power of the meal,

and integrates music, expression and art into the experience.

Mono y Mono Food Alchemy

Spend half a day in la Cucina con Susanna tutta Panna

Do you want to reconnect with your Kitchen,

Discover New Menus and the Power of Food Alchemy

Session is Created for YOU.

Seeds of Inspiration for your Sessions:

Healing with Food

Kids: Hands on Exploration

Sisters: Inspire, Create and Unite

Reconnect with your Kitchen and Food

Virtual Dining from Within

Coming Soon…

We will explore the world.

A virtual dining package will include all the ingredients

for you to create your own dining experience with your friends and family.


Request to receive your first experience as a gift.

Call for 7 seed volunteers from 7 Continents

“She” is looking for 7 hosts to a

Dining From Within

exploring Bare Naked Bliss

Looking for Volunteers from Mystical locations in the World.

February 18, 2011

The seven hosts will be gifted a mystical flute, session with Suzanne and a copy of  “Bare Naked Bliss…Loving From Within”

Aligned individuals will naturally have a passion for food, cooking, parables and ability to record some of the experience

via mixed media (photos, video, and audio)

Send Questions and inquiries to

Exchange for Suzanne’s Alchemy

In Home:  One-on-One or Group

(Fee hourly or flat rate)

Restaurants-Coffee/Tea Houses-Events

(Percentage per guest and/or flat rate)

Food and Supplies are reimbursed at direct cost or supplied.

Locations: Suzanne travels and is willing to travel for these experiences.

Find out when she will be in your area.


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  2. susie says:

    Wonderful to share the food from nature and earth to nourish body mind and spirit.
    Blessings of love and light

  3. admin says:

    Come back for more…let me know if you want to have one of the seed dinners..Blessings to you Susie.

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