BeSimply…Honey & Cinnamon


When Mary Poppins was singing,

“A Spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down”

…She might have been foreshadowing

the future of our over the counter ‘medicines’.

The ones filled with dyes and sweetners…

Ayurvedic medicine has been using honey

as a vital medicine for centuries.

Many Scientists of today

also accept honey as a “Ram Ban”

(very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases.

Honey and Cinnamon Paste have a long list

of ‘positive’ impacts on our physical, mental and emotional self.

The recipes are varied and more shall follow…

Until then, try it and see what you think.

Mix a paste on the end of a spoon

and consume


dip the spoon

into a hot cup of water

and drink it.



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