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We are Perfection…join US in a circle intended to release any disEASE we are experiencing on a personal to a collective level. Suffering is a choice and truly distracts us from remembering WE are perfection in every moment—no matter what we have to travel through. These circles are designed to reconnect US with our PEACE and our Perfection… Please join in at anytime…especially helpful for those who are traversing what appear to be challenges in your personal or collective life.

During this session we travel through our heart and the 7 chakras

In this Session Sharing Harmonic Frequencies from:

Tibet, India, Grand Canyon, Hopi 2nd Mesa, Egypt, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Elphinstone, the Philippines and the Andes.

Sending you love and reminding US…we are divine love.

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Find your Center…


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