BeSimply…Moved by LOVE

A Letter from some Dear Friends and Do-Gooders...
Dear Moved-By-Love Friends,

We're excited to have our new website up and running -- -- with lots of information about various
"radical generosity" projects in India. Uday-bhai, who runs the gift-economy rickshaw six days of the week, has been
making news everywhere from Bombay Mirror to Times of India. After six months of running Wisdom Crafts sustainably
at Gramshree, the project has expanded to another store at the Gandhi Ashram. What started as a rupee-a-day collection
drive from kids at bus-stands, is now generating Rs. 10K/month which are redistributed to underprivileged communities
through youth groups of that very community!  Some beautiful stories of generosity there.  Nimesh just hosted
hip-hop group in the slums, where he is working with 16 kids to produce a show to raise international awareness
around "Ekatva".  Raghu, who famously inspired former president Abdul Kalaam in December, continues to visit troubled
homes to offer Tulsi plants -- he's given over 500 plants!
Lots of our friends from the Ekatva Retreat (have you seen this video produced by our lovely friends at MAM?) continue
to serve selflessly as well. Ragu and Nisha in Coimbatore have planted thousands of trees and are working on gift-economy
naturopathy these days.  Many others like Chandni were featured in this popular article -- Don't Show Me The Money Sheetal
in Pune, Madhu-Meghna in Ahmedabad and Sachi in Bombay are hosting Wednesday meditations every week.  Abhishek continues to
do kindness drives with the BRG groups in B'bay.  And so many are helping each other simply by staying connected.

Thank you all for creating this "Moved By Love" movement.  Just this week, we heard that Deepak Chopra even Tweeted about
our new site!  Fun times. :)

We hope to send out regular updates to everyone, so if you have any generosity-driven inspiration to share, do let us know
so we can share with others.

With appreciation,

Moved By Love Coordinators

The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose. --Gandhi



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