BeSimply…Giving & Receiving Intentional Dining from Within

Join US for 1.11 minute of silent gratitude at 8:22PM (PST/-8GMT)
Simply enjoy a meal with family/friends and ask the questions!

To Request the Menu, Despacho Instructions, and Food Alchemy


Transmission from BlueStarLove

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Celebrating together!

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One Response to “BeSimply…Giving & Receiving Intentional Dining from Within”

  1. crystalin says:

    There is a magic when we give from within heart and souls
    with love compassion and bows…
    I am blessed by spirit of love that God is all about…
    I am grateful for every breath and being here in this moment of now

    Energy of love is the highest source of consciousness

    Loving star children and angelic tunes…
    Much love gratitude and respect

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