BeSimply…Rejuvenation & Inner Peace Dining from within Egypt

Join US for 1.11 minute (or 1 hour 11 minute) of silent gratitude at 11:11AM (PST/-8GMT)
Simply enjoy a meal with family/friends and ask the questions!

the invitation

8 Responses to “BeSimply…Rejuvenation & Inner Peace Dining from within Egypt”

  1. susie says:

    Thank you for your inspiration and intention of sharing blessings and love globally in oneness and unity we are One.

  2. jade says:

    Love is contagious… spreading organic seeds love and light globaly…

  3. Dear Suzanne,

    I am very pleased that through You this Human and Spiritual thought have come to life.

    Thank you for the invite and lets continue to support one another through prayers.

    “—Union is Power…”


  4. admin says:

    Thank you JTL….Deep Bow…and Union is Power!

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  7. lucky says:

    Thank you for rejuvenation and dining within Egypt.
    blessings love and respect

  8. admin says:

    This is a magical time…we can rise through our resonance to provide great stability to those around us…
    and most importantly SELF.

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