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Daughters of Gaia
13 month menstrual prayer COMMITMENT for 2012. A global ceremony and revolutionary event!
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Creation Inspired by 'She's' conversation with Jasmin Starrchild and the Red Moon medicine movement:
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2 Responses to “BeSimply…Red Moon Medicine Movement”

  1. jennifer sylvia says:

    thank you so much for being a light to so many, including myself. i pledge to be one of the 5000 that will alter the consciousness of our Mother Gaia- she is hurting so much. my intent is to give my blood and tears every month in order to facilitate in our “ancient future”. i have been wondering for a while now how on this earth, in our reality, little me could help with ascension. we have been the keepers of magick, the storytellers, healers and creators of life for all of time; women in our reality have been squashed into a mold… thankfully, more women like yourself are opening the eyes of so many. i appreciate you; i hope to meet you one day in vancouver ata red tent gathering. i live in georgia, US so it’s not all that easy to be there physically- but always i will be present. center everywhere, circumference nowhere.
    gaia’s magickal daughter,
    jennifer sylvia
    (given name)

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Jennifer…for listening in and I will share this with Jasmin.
    Keep shining on dear one…
    Deep Bow and Love..

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