BeSimply…Happy “Birth”day


Hello…It is my “Birth”day and over the years this day represents to me

a day of giving to others and receiving with a humble and an attentive heart.

I asked myself last night, “What do I want to give tomorrow?”
Then, I heard the song Hands by Jewel run through my head…
”In the END only kindness matters.”

I then posted this song on Facebook, as a prelude to the of celebration of
the MOMENT. During this past year, a series of moments have led me to
witness and embody aspects of my highest self. The most significant in my life to

date was sitting by my brother’s side as he transitioned out of this dimension
and body into another location. This moment pulled together lifetimes of forgotten
truths about self and about the perceptions surrounding transitioning, living and being.
I am still writing and integrating these memories and teachings; however, it inspires me
to share the wisdoms and reflections I have learned from Brian, Blue*, my parents, the
Tibetan Book of the Dead, His Holiness and the Hopi.

Brian Reflected:

We can ascend during our “death/birth” (enter the kingdom of eternal peace),
make peace with all aspects of our perceived sense of self and our actions and
release our attachment to the third dimension.  We can prepare for this moment
by bringing awareness and mindfulness to ALL our thoughts, words, and actions.
This is a practice…and quite potentially…the practice.
Blue* Reflected:

Reconnect to the earth, the stars and the suns.

Embody the Highest Self

…with Humility…with Truth…

Let GO of the Stories…

BEing in the MOMENT with

a playful loving heart.

Be Love and PLAY!

My Parents Reflected:

Non-Judgement, Grace, and Surrender

Tibetan Book of the Dead Reflected:

The potential that arrives when we are given the opportunity to transition…
we can choose freedom. Witnessing and understanding there is cause and
effect for every action we take…How can every action, word and thought
benefit all beings?

His Holiness Reflected: (in my meditations and astral travels)

Compassion…Unconditional Love. The vastness of nothingness, the opportunity
to embody emptiness, the purpose of the practice, and the reason for Wisdom.

Hopi Reflected

Worlds are merging. Remembering, that we are the ones we have been waiting for.
Each one of ‘US’ is an integral thread in this cosmic tapestry that we are co-creating!
As the 5th World emerges this is an opportunity to birth a world that benefits all beings…

Today, I give thanks for all my teachers in this world and beyond. My gift today to
all of you is to radiate and continue to practice Kindness, Love, Laughter, Peace,
Presence, Freedom, and Play.

Sending each one of you a big Smile, Love, and a Lifetime of Laughter may your bellies
start to giggle and your thoughts, words, and actions reflect the divine perfection that
every one of ‘US’ is on this beautiful sacred planet earth and in the cosmos.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

Life to All. Love to All. Peace to All.

May all beings benefit!


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