BeSimply…The Golden Eagle Arrives

The Golden Eagle Arrived.

It was a bright sunny fall morning in Long Beach, California. We were finally complete with the addition of our home. 

I had spent the spring and summer months designing and building with K, the extra space that would ensure our home was 

large enough to accommodate our growing family of four. The entire house was transformed into a home that could be 

described as picture perfect...something you would read about in Sunset magazine. While, the shell of the home portrayed 

a happy urban family the interior was still unsettled. It had been this way for years now, the growing tension in our family 

dynamics created anything but a peaceful environment to live in.
While, I was an aspiring yogi with a gift and passion for sitting in silence...some how I had forgotten a key...

how to co-create the nirvana I felt in my heart with my family. It was ironic, I could talk about these esoteric 

teachings and practices that had been passed down from India but somehow I was not embodying the truths that resonated 

with my inner self. It was easy to run off and say my “om’s” in a closet or a quiet area of our home. My meditation practice 

had become the great escape...a copping mechanism, such as food, alcohol, sex, or drugs...I was not enlightened just afraid 

to speak and embody my truth. I was holding on to silence as a security blanket. While, I could retort this was a harmless 

vice which had aided me many times in the past to some of my deepest inner healing. I was not fully embodying the truths 

that were being revealed to me in my silence.  I would emerge from my solitude only to continue to see reflections of tension, 

anger, and frustration.
Before the renovation, I had been obsessed with trying to conceive our third child. In hindsight, it was clearly a band aid 

for a large wound growing in our family. I had finally surrendered to no more children, when I did this I was offered the 

opportunity to live in truth and integrity. I had no idea that I was running around wearing a big MASK. K had graciously 

given me the opportunity to start on a healing journey and build a home exactly as I desired. I reluctantly agreed and created 

a home that I knew the family could enjoy.  This was something I had dreamed of, building part of our home from the ground up; 

yet, I had always dreamed it would be from joy not out of desperation to save our family from imploding upon itself. As we built, 

the addition I started to get these flashes about our future and that we would not be in this house for long. I felt the 

transition that was on the horizon but quite frankly it scared me. There was a sad air to it. Not wanting to know or see any 

more of the vision, I quickly shut off the clairvoyant transmission.
I had stopped the vision but the universe clearly was offering me the opportunity to see beyond what I thought I knew. A month 

after this vision, I had walked over the stove to grab the tea pot to make my first cup of tea for the day. I was half awake as I was 

filling the tea pot with hot water. Typically, I crave silence in the morning, I take this time to integrate the sleep realms 

with my waking state and tune into the flow of my day. This would explain why I did not see what was staring me down outside 

the kitchen window. As I turned off the water and lifted my head, I jumped back when I saw a large golden eagle sitting on the 

wooden gate. It took my breath away. I had never seen an eagle that close. Before we locked eyes, I was taking in his energy, 

his presence and his size. I was taken by him. We locked eyes and stared into each other’s soul for an unknown amount of time. 

We stepped into the void together. I did not want to leave his presence. He commanded my attention. I stayed there until he 

broke our stare and flew away. I quickly ran outside to see if maybe he had just moved to a higher location. 
He was flying away.
I walked back in and reflected on the visit from the Golden Eagle. I could not verbalize what was being awakened in me or the 

unspoken significance. The Golden Eagle appears in many traditions and stories. In many stories the Golden Eagle symbolizes 

virtue of knowledge, power, bravery, loyalty and discipline. He is also the vehicle of Vishnu, it is has been said that he 

carries the attributes of being preservation of cosmic order. I was ultimately being given an invitation to start 

my inner work.  In native traditions the medicine of the eagle is the power of the great spirit. It is the spirit of tenacity, 

clear vision, discernment, timing, and finding balance between heaven and earth. The eagle also teaches us to look above to 

touch Grandfather Sun with our heart, to love the shadow as much as the light. The eagle asks us to grant ourselves permission 

to be free to remember the divine perfection that we are and to live in truth, love and joy!
During our deep stare, I accepted the invitation and serendipity effortlessly ensued as I slowly found my grace.
It is now many years later, after I let go of all aspects of my life (my business, my marriage, my belongings, my clients
and most importantly my self) that I have finally begun to embody the Medicine of the Golden Eagle.
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