BeSimply…Collective Dreaming Gathering

Join 'She' as WE seed a collective dreaming experiment for Monday/Tuesday (depending where you are in the world).
The experiment will involve a sacred site and location where we will meet each other.
'She' relates to life as a 5-dimensional way of being...meaning that you can listen to this segment at
anytime and access the past/present/future experiment and record your experience.
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Slumber Collective Dreaming Party

Additional Written Details will Follow Later Today...(if you cannot listen in)
In the next moment we will be travel in to Kuh Malek Siah in Iran
(say that 10 times fast)

Located in a mountain creating a Tri-point area of Iran, Afganistan and Pakistan
We will be connecting with the earth's womb and intuition chakra.
Exploring, purifying, and activating the mind's eye.
Download Music Harmonics ZKuheMalekSiah
...Connecting with the Fertility (abundance) and Healing Wisdoms.
Listen to if inspired as you fall asleep or prior in silent meditation.
Embedded player will be loaded after 7pm (-7GMT) to access when you are ready.
Connect Visually to the Location
Finally, record your experiences in any or all of these locations:
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She's Experience...share yours below...
The nights journey began even before ‘She’ left her body or entered a sleep state. ‘She’ was immediately presented with a cosmic 

double dorje that she held in her hand. It came to life by pulling two opposing sides apart the sphere in the middle began to 

spin. The activation was immediate and she was then shown sacred geometries. As the geometries began to amplify and she thought, 

“here we go, this is going to be a shamanic experience...something that might typically be assisted by a cup of magical tea with 

an indigenous teacher deep in the amazon jungle.”

Her astral body continued to propel deep into the void and ‘She’ was then able to see the marble size earth below her. It began 

to spin, similarly to how a globe spins on a stand. ‘She’ hovered and then the earth stopped, she was then sent full force into 

Kuhe Malek Siah, Iran. First, she landed on the earth’s surface and was aware of other beings wandering around the land. Each 

being appeared to effortlessly find a specific location and they connected to the earth and the earth’s crystaline grid. Her 

inclination was to start working side by side with these energetic beings. Without hesitation ‘She’ went below the earth’s 

surface into another dimension a network of information.

They collectively started to work with each other to activate codes and geometries. All of which seemed to be related to two 

things the feminine energy and an “organization” (‘She’ hesitates to associate this organization with anything from this planet).

 ‘She’ was brought back to her body a few times with a deep urgency to return and complete the activations that were occurring. 

‘She’ was shown the sacred resources that are connected to this region of the world. These resources need to be kept here and on 

some level are protected from “modern” (barbaric might be a better adjective) HUman. The network of beings working with these 

resources, “sacred” geometries and codes was astounding and very secretive. ‘She’ even came back to her body and asked herself, 

“Am I even going to be able to share this?” Rather than worry about this she continued to work with the an increasing 

number of energetic beings joined them.

‘She’ move through the underground network, she activated an area that amplified the intuition center in the feminine side of all 

of us. This code was completely blocked from certain dimensions and perceptions. After the code was released, she began to get a 

lot of intuitive information related to her 3-d reality. In addition, a series of pools the bodies of water appeared

 the biological representation of the WOMBman started to enter the pools of water. Fully clothed, a metaphor for a purification 

was being presented and returned to the feminine.  Angelique Kidjo appeared and was singing to everyone as they entered the 

water Again, this almost felt like a baptism at a space complex. The juxtaposition of the energies was fascinating. As the women 

continued to enjoy the waters and Angelique’s powerful voice. ‘She’ decided to see if they could gain access to this large 

library of information. The complex was enormous and the information was endless. ‘She’ started moving large mechanical devices 

(similar to a lift used in construction). These devices seemed to support the entire structure.

Upon entering the complex, a number of beings in side mostly resembling “earth” beings made their presence known. They kept remind

ing her that they did not want “general’ public coming in. ‘She’ reminded them that it was time for everyone to access this 

information. Then, two men with handle bar mustaches agreed to help and permit access to the beings outside.

During the night ‘She’ was aware that she would return to this area to continue to work with the codes and release the geometries.

‘She’ would be working in this region for more than one night. ‘She’ began to feel the call to return to her 3-d body and decided

 she would keep her astral body in the large complex with the endless sea of data and information that houses the healing wisdoms 

for this dimension and beyond.

‘She’ wants to humbly thank all of you for connecting with this experiment and to those who are about to enter it. If you are 

inspired continue to return to this region to assist in the reveal and remembrance that is being offered to all of ‘US’.  ‘She’ 

must admit at times she was directed to go to other parts of the planet...Japan being on of them; however, her inner knowing said 

stay here and focus on what is being showed to you. ‘She’ has much more to integrate because she cannot even begin to articulate 

all that was being revealed. 

Deep bow and big LOVE.
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