BeSimply…The Rumble


The proliferation of the intonation
Wrens sounding off
The dew collecting on their chests
The darkness swallowing the reverberations
Dispelling the noise to the mountain tops
Where the hawks circle
The gate keepers to heaven’s doors

A bolt of lightning pierced her heart
Stamping her with an impression
Crushing her into a million parts
She screamed for redemption
While the rumble from the thunder
Shuddered her limbs spilling chills
Into the valley of blunders
with euphoric, orgasmic shrills.

She lifted herself from the floor.
Light peaked from beyond the door.
In a trance caused by circumstance
She slipped through
The tiny opening without
A second glance.
The light began to fade
She stood alone in a daze.
Running back—the door slammed
All her memories began to fade.

Left with a deep yearning
In the pit of her heart,
She turned once more
Searching for the lightening
Beyond the door!

After daybreak
the earth continued to shake
It was too late, why did she not see this before?
With a deep sigh and a long cry
She ran away once more…
Down towards the meadows
Where freedom roams and the soft
Moans made her feel alone but
Free from the confines of
Of the racing vines consuming
her mortal mind.

Like a Sunday afternoon,
When the still of the day
leads you astray.
She fell to the floor
Below the tall blades of
Grass and melted
Into the earth embracing
her freedom from time
that passed. -st


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