BeSimply…Collective Dream Gathering II {The Forest}


Join 'She' as WE seed a collective dreaming experiment.

Listen to this segment and record your recollections.
'She' relates to life as a 5-dimensional way of being...meaning that you can listen to this segment at
anytime and access the past/present/future experiment and record your experience.
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…Connecting with the Wisdom of the Trees.

Listen to if inspired as you fall asleep or prior in silent meditation.
Connect Visually to the Forest (you choose)
Finally, record your experiences in any or all of these locations:
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She's Experience...share yours below...
I laid down and activated a conversation between the trees that has taken me on a journey to another dimension...
As I sat with the trees they began to revel themselves to me. The trees showed me how they are tele-transporting
devices which assist in sending us to other dimensions, conversations and generations. The forest took me to the
tropics which reminded me of Puerto Rico my skin began to feel like home with the moisture. I began feeling my
skin and massaging in the natural oils into my face. Then, I was transported to India through the network of trees.
The trees continued to move me in and out of networks...showing me faces connected to the networks. The movement
in and out of these networks reminded me of two things the feminine energy and what is passed down from generation
to generation...

Finally, I was transported to a city where the trees fade...Malika appeared. The trees wanted me to share the dreams
and other aspects of the information that was coming through the trees. The trees kept reminding me of the importance
of communication between the generations of women. It is during this communion that we strengthen community and
our generations. As I slowly woke up I was reminded of this poem gifted to me by Hopi, Farow Sully.

Ancient footprints still remain

Along paths and trails

Songs of our forefathers still


We follow paths and trails the

Ancient ones walked

Listening to songs of Long

Humming along.

-Farow Sully, Hopi

Deep bow and big LOVE.

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