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Thursday at 7:30pm – Friday at 7:30pm

Non-local Dream Gathering

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Join ‘US’ Thursday/Friday night for a Collective Dream Gathering…a simple what to connect and interact with our collective consciousness.

Alternatively…Before you head off into slumber visualize connect with being an active participate in your dreams. Set the collective intention to practice altering the outcome of the dream by waking up in the dream and creating a different outcome. Instructions shall be share in more detail with a guided imagery Thursday Morning.

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From Experiment 3…Activating Imagination

The dream…creation…my slumber was silent as I slipped into the void and melded with the infinite potential of the universe. This energy was infinite and filled my heart with love…As I observed creation from the abyss…i would come in and out of the botanical gardens of planet earth. The energy of creation seemed to wake me at 4 am where I sat and meditated until 6am and then drifted into a short astral travel finding new ways to flow in and out of my body…Creation…

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