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Blue Star Emerging…The Purification has Begun.

Greetings! Have you felt tested in the past few years, days, hours or minutes? Are you pondering our collective existence on planet earth? Are you bewildered by the unfolding of natural and man made events? Are you riding waves of emotion, similar to what you can imagine a woman feels during her pregnancy?

If you have answered, “YES” to any of these questions…”Congratulations! Why the kudos?” Well, this could mean that you are having a greater sense of awareness of self and the entire world around you. Which, in her humble opinion, means we are collectively transforming and being asked to LET GO! Ahhh…does ‘She’ hear “Let GO of what?” Well, she replies with a gentle smile, “We are at a point and time where we are potentially being given the opportunity to create a new world or transform one.”

While, her mind is continually being shattered by rapidly changing events in her personal life. ‘She’ feels a certain inner peace because she made a choice to live in transparency and authenticity. Which is her sense of what the entire world is being asked to do right now…

This observation falls in line with the Hopi ‘Blue Star’ Prophecy. She will clearly state (as her opinion), that only the Hopi are truly at liberty to share their prophecies. However, she can share her personal relationship to the Blue Star energy and the purification taking place during these global changes that are currently unfolding.

Quite simply…the metaphorical masks are dropping…the Blue Star “the feminine” energy is rising which will not tolerate or support lies, stealing, cheating, masquerades, manipulations of self or our fellow HUman BEings. Many might reply, “That will never happen”. ‘She’ has learned and will retort…’never say, “Never.”’ ‘She’ can attest that the Blue Star energy is emerging and a purification is taking place across our entire planet. We will continue to be tested and asked to make choices that will reflect our level of commitment to self and walking the talk which we wish for the entire world to embody. She can state this with such conviction because she has been walking through it and experiencing in first hand. At times ‘she’ has even been caught off guard as her mind was shattered when the levels of manipulation were being revealed. This is where the rubber meets the road and we are given the opportunity to decide if we want to tolerate and enable such behaviors and participate in this masquerade.

“What does this mean?” Well, you are the only one who can answer that question and it will take time to contemplate and reveal that answer. Rather than clinging to old operating and belief systems…sit with self and ask self,

“What do I want for humanity?”

“Where have I contributed to the current state of affairs?”

“How can I make peace with those choices?”

“Can I ask for forgiveness?”

“Where and When am I going to draw the line in the sand?”

Once we begin to identify these answers we will be well on our way to creating and preparing for our new world view and new relationships with each other and our planet. Not one person on this planet has a crystal ball to authentically forecast what will unfold; however, each one of us can envision the world we want to create and commit to self to serve that vision.

Then you might ask, “How does she know the Blue Star Energy will not tolerate these old behaviors?” She will reply…”Ask any mother on this planet if she will allow her child to lie, steal, cheat, kill, manipulate others for the benefit of self or under the delusion of being mislead by another’s manipulation.” ‘She’ can only speak for self…and her answer is “NO!” ‘She’ will then whisper, “Enough is Enough.”

As the Blue Star “Feminine” Energy rises…(This star is aligned with the divine feminine and total empowerment and healing of the universe) an opportunity to purify our mind, body and spirit is being gifted to all of ‘US’. It is up to each one of ‘US’ to decide what will be next in this most epic movie called “Our LIFE”. It is sacred…May we all treat it as “SO”.

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2 Responses to “BeSimply…BlueStar Emerging”

  1. Maria Das says:

    Thank you, for this website, and the article I just read. Indeed very insightful.
    The articulation of many emotions to which I had not been able to understand,yet here they are.
    Truly enlightening.

    Moreover, I can’t wait for this age of truth to completely permeate the fabric of our lives and the engines of our society throughout the world.
    Welcome beloved Blue Star.

  2. admin says:

    You are Welcome, Prego…Thank you for taking the time to connect…and yes…I cannot wait either…my the purification continue..

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