BeSimply…Adventures of the Feminine Reflections


Sometimes, pictures are worth a thousand words.

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We all arrived to a magical location in Angelus Oakes on a Friday afternoon. The yin energy of the land enveloped all of us

and assisted in pealing back a layer or two. We explored the expressions of the feminine…her softness, her playfulness,

her creative and intuitive nature with ease. We approached her myth in the astral realm, under the starry sky and as an

on going story. The dialogue streamed as the inward journey expanded and the “time” went to far to quickly.

Enjoy our memories…

She swings Luna around from the SouthEast
Gently setting her in the NorthWest
“Smile”, she says…remember you were told
a lot of fairy tales…
They must have forgotten their mother at best.

“An idealistic concept can lead
to a fallen utopia…”
She continues to cry…
“Twirl around and look at the mirror
I have placed in front of your mind’s eye.”

She sings a soft melody…
“Trees provide you with oxygen…
water runs into your open mouth…
I electrify your ever step with a kiss
from my core….”

“What is there not to be thankful for?”

‘She’ continues
“Endless vegetation to heal and nourish…
Plenty of room to run and play upon my chest…
Dry your tears, release your frustration…

It is Time…End the drama and write a new PLAY
…divine imagination will be your next Savior…
I have provided you with all the resources
and mirrored beauty from the North, South, East and West.”

“Dance once more,” she whispers to her children.
Imagine euphoria and remember the pleasure
is afforded to all species with every breathe.

Luna lets out a long sigh and a streak
a cross the sky…as she reactivates our mind’s eye.


Inspired by the Pine Cones

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