BeSimply…Collective Dreaming {Experiment 4}


Our Collective Dream Experiment from October 18, 2011

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(you can still participate…listen in and report back)

‘She’s” Reflection:

“Last night in my dream world…Apl appeared and I was delivering some of his belongings to him. It was interesting because some of the belongings were mine not just his. I felt like I was holding a crate filled with my artifacts from many lifetimes. At the point that I noticed attachment and was fully awake in the dream. I made the choice to remove the attachment and drop the observation and emotion that I felt towards the belongings.Then, one by one everyone appeared moving in and out of our space from the group and his life. I would acknowledge each person with a different awareness and deeper understanding of what they were there for. Then, after everyone finally left we were free to finally talk. Then we both were getting sleeping…an opportunity to have a dream inside of the dream. I said maybe we are supposed to rest and communicate in the dream. He said, “okay but you have to leave before midnight.” I responded, “I might not be able to get back in my body before midnight.” (which this is so fascinating because we were preparing to have a dream inside of a I can kick myself for being so attached to returning to my body..however there was great significance to the time). I then said, “Okay well then we better just stay AWAKE..because I am not
sure I can do that.” So, then we started to wake up and continued to talk till right before midnight in the dream, I then left Apl in the dream. Right as I was leaving that reality…i woke up and looked at my phone…it was 4:55am…and Apl had texted me at 2:54 am…

What was interesting then this AM…a friend shared how I was in her dream and the time of 11:55 pm came up…”

Please share your reflections…

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