BeSimply…Sophia’s Correction {Divine Imagination}


"Here in a nine-part synopsis is one version of the sacred myth of Sophia, the "fallen goddess" of the

Pagan Mysteries. The fallen goddess scenario (FGS) is not the invention of this author, John Lash.

It is his reconstruction of a mythic narrative developed by ancient seers who applied it as a vision

story for guiding humanity to evolve interactively with the living planet, Gaia. I consider this

complex narrative to be the singular and paramount explanation of cosmic purpose produced by human

imagination, truly a myth to guide the species."
- JLL, October 2010

NOTE (May 2011):"My recovery and reconstruction of the FGS is the only full and coherent version of

the Sophianic vision story of the Mysteries to be presented by any scholar, yet it is still not complete.

Three key elements of the myth are missing: the creation of the moon, the separation of the sexes of the

Anthropos (human genome), and the arrival of the hunters from Orion, the first men to inhabit the earth

which was at that time exclusively populated by women." John Lamb Lash

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