BeSimply…Clif High {Half Past Human}


Well as usual…’She’ had more than enough questions for Clif High…

And his wealth of knowledge continues to leave her with more.

You might want to listen to these a few times over as there are some thoughts he shares

that are not to be overlooked…and clues that can help each one of ‘US’ discern what

they might be feeling in their gut or their 3rd eye.

Bonus…Clif shares Apple Pie tips…MMM…MMMMM…MMMMMMMM

Part 1 of 2
40 minutes before the router was taken out.

Content includes: Earthquakes, Solar Activity, Housing, Clif High,The Pyramids, Anatoly Fomenko, Jedi tips, Confrontation Details, Asia, South America, Thailand, Reptiles, How to avoid the BLOW, Aligning with the Universe, Firm course of Action, Self Organizing Collectives, Israel and Iran, Economic collapse, Strategic Thinking…Redirect Energy…Right Action.Laughing..

Part 2 of 2

She and Clif High made it all the way to PIE!

Content includes: Clif High,The Pyramids, Calendar Moved…Mayans knew Something…Anatoly

Fomenko, (HIT) Juxtaposition when Europeans ran into the Mayans, More Jedi tips, Reptiles,

Harmonizing with the Universe—sagely advise from Yoda, Break away societies, Israel and Iran,

Apple…Pie TIPS, Moving the year 2000 (hint), Embracing the Unkown, Catholics, Fall of the

Vatican…(hint) Italians love food…No Name Martial Outs…Japan…Planetary
Mind F, IsraelIran, Michael Tellinger, 32011

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Half Past Human with Clif High

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