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How can we simply be KIND….

We can practice Kindness by thinking before we speak. Taking what we want to communicate into our heart center and then sharing it.

Serve others…take time to see how you can help others. During this process you will have the opportunity to receive one of the greatest gifts from giving…LOVE. It is reciprocated from the universe.

We can stop and breath before we respond or react to someone’s words or actions. ‘She’ is still practicing this one. You know when you feel the rub by someone’s action and you just do not have it within you not to react. We can simply first be compassionate towards ‘self’ and remember that we are here having a “human” experience. STOP, BREATH and Roll with words of kindness

Simply put respect self, respect other and have fun…

Be KIND…then you do not have to wish you could push REWIND…

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