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While we are moving into a collective New Year…that for the Hopi started a month ago and for the Tibetans it starts at the end of February…In China later this month…It appears we all have a different calender to follow; however, this ‘New Year” still remains as a historic time to set intentions or resolutions. Which can cause us to charge forward and miss out on the gifts presented right before ‘US’.

Which reminds me of my son, who would always celebrate the sun rising as a young toddler with great enthusiasm yelling as he ran into the bedroom, “It’s a new day. Look mom, it is a Brand New Day!”

So rather, than put so much weight, expectations and/or intentions into the next solar procession…Why not, celebrate each day?

Taking a few moments in the evening and the morning to recapitulate the ‘Next’. Within a few minutes, you can take the time to review what has just transpired. Then, without judgment allow it to leave your mind’s eye and connect to what you are ready to welcome in for the next day. This practice will help with two things: present moment awareness and receiving-giving in the moment. Rather than just having a long list of what you want to accomplish for the next year, this can help you stay on course, see what is actualizing and where you need to make adjustments. Within in this simple process, you will be surprised at how quickly you will start remembering and seeing how to shape shift the world around you.

Take these few minutes to recapitulate the past year…set the “big intentions” …Then, bring the vision down to the moment and welcome in what you need NOW. You might be surprised at how it shows UP.

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