BeSimply…Self Love {Ending the cycle of Abuse}


Ending the pattern…stopping the cycle of abuse!

It has been my observation that most of our society participates or has participated in different levels of abuse. No matter what role we have held, collectively we might benefit from pondering how we can stop the cycle of abuse. Some might think this is a strong word; however, I feel it is really important that we start calling it like it is. In addition, to providing a safe environment for all of us to take full responsibility for our choices and take immediate action with ‘self’ by deciding to stop participating in this predator-victim cycle. I can admit that I have participated in the cycle and neither side feels aligned with my soul or the collective fabric of our society. Yet, these energies seem to feed off each other and are so deeply embedded in our language, media, thoughts, actions and dreams…it would suggest to me that humanity has some deep inner work to do. The key phrase here is ‘inner work’…we can continue to point fingers, turn our heads, make excuses, and/or keep it all a secret; however, I ask you these questions, “What purpose does this serve and who are we serving when we do this?”

When you attempt to answer these to questions with excuses, reasoning and long sentences…you might want to stop and take a breath. Then, remember the answer is quite simply is…’NO ONE!’

That is right…there is absolutely no benefit to any being on this planet or within the universe. Furthermore, we are the only species on this planet that kills each other. Yet, we continue to have long reasons for why this is necessary.  I cannot buy into these arguments because I know we are capable of so much more. So, you might ask, “What can I do?” or “Where do we start?”

First, acknowledge where you are and how you are participating in this cycle with ‘self’ and/or others? (currently or in the past…Note: if we do not heal the past it stays with us. We accumulate the energy of our past actions and carry it with us. Check in: do you get emotional about certain topics if so there is still some work to do).

Second, educate yourself on the forms of abuse. They are vast and sometimes we are participating and do not realize it. In buddhist teachings, they have a simple practice to have mindful thoughts, words and actions. This is simply…respect for self and others. (Note: Our thoughts affect both the person you are thinking about and you. It is destructive to the mind, body and spirit.)

Third, make a commitment to step out of the pattern and depending on the depths of the abuse you might need help. Find someone to help you with your ‘inner work’. We all can benefit from having a sound objective guide to help us through the process. One that will help get us from point A to B and possibly to Z. (Note: If you have been in therapy for years on end for the same issue…this would be an indicator to look for a new approach.)

Fourth, take time to be with only ‘self’. Abuse patterns are directly related to dependency. Our society has become interdependent. Codependency leads to clinging and attachments. These attachments lead to ‘self’ and interactive abuse patterns. By spending time with ‘Self’ in solitude you learn who you really are and what you really need.  Suddenly, the list of wants seems to fade. t is a practice to ‘BE’ with ‘self’. Depending what the universe throws your way, you might have to revisit these lessons till you master them. The simplest way to ‘BE’ in solitude is to meditate everyday.

Fifth, practice active compassion for self and others. This will lead you to authentic ‘self’ love and freedom. Compassion permits you the opportunity to not blame yourself and others. When, you hold all participating parties in compassion then you are lead to the gateway of true love…you can begin to taste, feel and sense what real love is. It is a love that does not participate in any forms of abuse with self or others. It is a love that is freely given and completely unconditional. It is a love that does not require anyone else…just ‘self.’ When, self begins to embody that love…the fabric our society will begin to be heal and transform.

Freedom will then reign.

Want to start your ‘inner work’?

1. Connect to your silence…weekly guided meditations

2. Listen to ‘She’s’ weekly ‘Self Love’ Radio Program

3. Connect with Suzanne for a Session Local or Non-local…’She’ will guide you ‘Here’.

Or Ask the universe to point you in the right direction…it is that simple.

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