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Ahhh… ‘She’ was introduced to the voice of Elizaveta three years ago. Her mystical friend, Sally, delivered E’s music on bustling sunny afternoon. E’s style brought ‘She’ back to a place and time when imagination ran wild, the prose would continually flow, the clothing and people were layered with textiles and expressions of aspects of their soul… ‘She’ was filled with a sense of excitement when Elizaveta released ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Meant’.  The transformation of a gift into another gift that will be delivered for souls far and wide arrived in ‘She’s’ lap.

With bubbling euphoria ‘She’ would like to announce….Elizaveta did it! After listening to the album, Beatrix Run’s, twice over ‘She’ gives her a standing ovation. The album offers an electic mix of words, imagination and musical dimensions. The listening will take you to your heart…then to your soul…next stop to the universe…then returning you home to a forest where the fog has lifted. As your heart beats and the veil rises…Elizaveta reminds you to be the Dreamer…remembering this is how our reality is formed and Beatrix will continue to RUN…Catch her if you CAN!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flow of our musings from poetry, through the music ‘biz’, and to the depths of her creations found in Beatrix RUNS.

Deep bow siStar! A masterpiece…food and medicine for the soul.

The link for the Shows+Concerts Facebook event is HERE

Her videos up on YouTube, Please join her…
If you haven’t done so already, download the free remix of Dreamer HERE.Xoxo Elizaveta


The second thing is a cover Elizaveta just did, that she would like to share with you. It is one of her favorite Irving Berlin songs.

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