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‘She’ met Francis via her tribe…after her own inspiration ignited in the 3rd eye…This all occurred spontaneously, when she was contemplating Santa Claus and the yule tide mushroom traditions. While, their ‘Facebook conversation’ lingered…they were able to intercept each other’s path in January. ‘She’ felt blessed to be well received by a fellow citizen of planet earth with roots from a place called Italia and offered a fresh coconut to quench her thirst. What more could an island girl infused with the energy of ‘italia’ want? Absolutely…Nothing! Yet, Francis managed to inspire ‘She’ in the areas of activism, performance arts, the medicines, community, gardens and mainstream media. His candor and eloquence will leave you with a new found appreciation for the simplicity of what is possible within a community of people ready to GIVE.

Join ‘She’ and Francis while they engage in a conversation around Joyful Activism, the power of giving and receiving, the evolving role of movies and television….and the medicine found in the plants.
Francis is a wealth of information and has a full heart for transforming community, community gardens and the new face of media.

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Enavie Earth Prayer

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