BeSimply…LoveSelf {Inner Work: Giving+Receiving}


Join ‘She’ for 54 minutes to work on the inner self.

During this segment:

Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self?

We will explore Giving+Receiving A key that will assist to aligning with and loving self. Learn how to give and receive authentically. Aligning with the natural flow of the universe.

Parables shared…Walk through a guided giving + receiving experience/meditation. This will assist you in BEing…YOU!

Opening your heart center…the gateway to the universe.

Please send in your questions to or call in during the episode.

Music by

Anne Heaton: Jump

Larisa Stow: Lakshmiyei

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Activate the Imagination

Link to Week 5


Link to Week 6

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