BeSimply…Jai MAA {Repairing the Disconnect}


Jai Maa…The chants continued over and over…with the connect and disconnect bellowing from the human’s chest. What are these human’s yearning for? The inner connect? Flooding the world with sound bites. Two minutes here and two minutes there…craving millions of views…proving YOU too are worthy of BEing viewed on the Archive of the YOUTUBE.  Seeking ‘self’ worth with thousands of likes and followers on social media networks within the infinite sea of the internet?

What will be left when their dust becomes one with the billions of geological layers within the sands of her chest? Will it be the memories of another society that forgot its intrinsic nature with its own species and with the conjunction within the equation of their cosmic function?

Jai Maa…the chants continue…the people dance. “Love,” they profess is bubbling up in their chest. Do they know and honor ‘self love’ to a depths of intimacy that can be experienced when one is in harmony with the universe? Or is it an intellectualized story that has been molded and crafted by the collective human species distracting them with suffering and keeping them from knowing their own depths?

As the ideology of LOVE flows and the humans continue to bellow…”Jai Maa”…‘She’ whispers, “Repair the disconnect…Please come sit upon my chest.” Slowly as the invitation is accepted ‘she’ continues, “The wisdom is right here, lay your ear on my breast. The strum of a certain HUM will lead you through the haze. The stories and over told lore will fade into a mystical daze. As the harmonics lead ‘US’ and release the wisdom hidden within the soil below my chest.”

Jai Maa…the chants continue “she” smiles at the adoration and contemplation of HONOR and Respect! Jai Maa the chants continue…‘She’ bellows, “Remember the sacredness of what you yearn for…treat SELF with HONOR and Respect!” Silence opens as they begin to hear the strum within the HUM and her drums lead them to their cosmic breath…wisdom flows from her CHEST.

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