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Sometimes you know your destiny is to serve…yet you keep searching for how. During the process of searching, discovering, and remembering there might come a moment when the situation makes it really clear.

As it will take ‘she’ (me) a few more revolutions around the sun before ‘she’ can clearly distill all that ‘she’ opened herself to in the moment ‘she’ was in service to her brother…‘She’ managed to honor his request by assisting him in during his big transition that moment we cannot be so sure what it will be like and we cannot even imagine how to prepare. However, we can surrender and trust that no matter what is next that we can and exit with PEACE.

NEXT…BriGUY, asked ‘she’ to guide his ceremony…His celebration of LIFE. While, this was that moment that one never wants to imagine…having to say ‘good-bye’ to the one they love. To honor his request…‘she’ did as he requested. We celebrated his life…the gathering was filled with so much unconditional love. The next day…in the center of the mandala was a white rose that was fully open. It looked like a lotus flower and there were no full roses used in the creation of the mandala only petals.

When we listen to how we are to serve there are confirmations and gifts from the universe saying…Thank YOU!

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