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Lets face it being a mother means participating in this cycle several times over. As a mother I have seized the opportunity to understand the medicine of surrender, humility, refinement, creation, purity, nourishment and contemplation. Which has caused me to reflect back to those early days of pregnancy and motherhood, with this deep desire to be “good mother” and not cave to the ‘self’ imposed pressure of fear and doubt. I did not want to falter or fall short of delivering them the comfort and security that my children wanted to receive from their mother.

Which lead me to surrender into the unknown and openly admit, I will and have made mistakes. However, I have embraced every one of those moments as an opportunity to learn more about myself and my family. While, these words might not comfort you when you have baby fluids running down your shirt, bags under your eyes from the sleepless nights while trying to remember what you did with your free time “pre-kids.” I would like to point your attention to one of the most profound and simplest tools to assist you in all stages of motherhood…the breath.

The breath is a tool that has been one of my best allies during my tenor as a mother. The oxygen gives us life, energy and restores balance…especially during those long days that you are certain are supposed to be joyous but somehow you do not remember how to get there. Here are some simple ways to bring the breath practice into your life starting with the infant and then teaching your children as they grow. Preparing all of you for adolescence another infancy all to its own.

~For the parent and/or baby who are restless. From a lying down or walking position lay the child on your chest and hold them still, heart to heart. Connect your body and/or feet to the energy of the earth and take a deep breath in and out. Full body breaths (note: fill the stomach with air first like the baby does and then your heart and lungs). Take cycles of 8-12 breaths and then stop and return to normal breathing. This is especially powerful if your baby or child is crying. The breath will reassure both of you that everything is okay and restore a certain calm to the situation.

~Daily Practice for the Parents: Pranayam is a method of breath control. Babies effortlessly know how to breath and we slowly forget as we grow into our adulthood. This is a reason to add a daily practice into your life.

Swami Yogananda says, “Breath is the cord that ties the soul to the body”.

Taking time to practice pranayam will affect your mental state, regulate bodily functions, rejuvenate the entire physical, mental, emotional and energetic body and improve your entire state of being.

Benefits: joy, courage, enthusiasm, health, vigor, love, jedi mind, inner and outer wellness, balance, release disEase, inner peace, and restoring harmony between the mind, body, spirit.

The simple practice we will start with is BHASTRIKA PRANAYAM. (aka FULL body breath). Sit in a cross legged position, full or half lotus and take a deep breathe so that your lungs are full with fresh air. Hold the air for a few seconds and release it through nose. Repeat this for 5-10 times till your breathing system is in harmony. Take a break and do another round if you are inspired. This is a beautiful practice to do first thing in the morning. (Note: Please allow 3-4 hours after a meal before participating in this deep breathing exercise.)

These two practices can be your first step to returning to center during the uncharted journey of being a parent.

Until next time…breathe deep, smile big and laugh A LOT!

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