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Imagine being given the opportunity to produce a film about a part of history that had not been told and it was about a man called “Honest Abe” and a Native American Tribe. Imagine being a bright eyed filmmaker from Portland, Maine, passionate about sharing stories that touch the human heart with love and compassion. Imagine it taking four years of your life and intending to give-it-away.

Would you say, “Yes?” If you knew it would come out at the same moment in space as the movie “Lincoln” and you would be invited to screen the movie in Lincoln’s Cottage in his Bedroom. The same place he signed the order that would alter the vary lives of the Dakota 38 and generations to come.

Would you say, “Yes?”

Silas Hagerty said, “Yes!”

Silas and I were going to have a live interview; however, after further contemplation, he decided it was best to just allow the film to speak for itself.

As I felt into his words and reflected in my heart, I nodded and said, “YES!” Let the film speak for itself. So, rather than say anything. I just wanted to ask you those questions, show you the trailer and leave you with these images.

Rather than speak for the film, I leave you with a ‘Call to Inspiration’…Contemplate the question below during 38 minutes of receptive silence…

Do you want to make and embody peace with self, our global family and our planet?

Walk in Peace with every living thing on this planet…the Dakota Way!

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“DAKOTA 38” Trailer from Smooth Feather on Vimeo.


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