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Last week, the New Moon of Aquarius (Water) arrived. I am taught by my native brother and teacher…this is the Purifying Moon (Powamuya, the Moon of Purification). Leading up to it you might have noticed the urge to release some energy or emotional layers that have been stored inside of you. Please, do not hold them back…RELEASE (mindfully)! Being that we are still in a period of unification (winter hibernation) this provides the ideal container for letting go and seeding creation! Which will guide us to regeneration, a time when purity is renewed and another life cycle will begin.

We collectively will continue to move through these layers during the remaining days of this New Moon Cycle. By allowing the energy to wash over you…imagine yourself sitting under a beautiful waterfall in a warm tropical lagoon or (as shown here) as a monk walking into the impermanence (symbolized by the waterfalls at Pongour Falls in Vietnam). If inspired, welcome in the release of what has not served and fall into the intention of discovering what ease, presence and purity truly means.

Early this morning, ‘She’ was releasing a layer of emotion that had been stored in her heart. ‘She’ was thankful for the space to effortlessly let go, yet also savored the experience and held it in reverence while ‘she’ welcomed in the breath. Which lead her to recognizing how our collective human experience is about rapidly moving through our emotions, an experience, relationships, silence, nature, community and unfortunately that is how we roll…in our satisfy me NOW Society! However, ‘She’ is certain we will not reach a level of mastery within ‘self’ or our communities by moving at 4G pace through ‘life’ and inter dimensional space.

Quite possibly, we will look up one day and ask ‘self’, “What did I miss? Was I present with my child? Did I really listen to what my friend just shared? Did I spend time cherishing being with ‘myself’? Did I spend more time chasing after what does want me rather than being present with that which does? Was I afraid to open up my heart to another because I feared being hurt again? Did I allow fear and doubt to side track me down a hall of smoke and mirrors? Did I even remember the landscape I just walked by or the earth I am standing on? Did I waste my precious human life by being preoccupied with my immediate desires, thoughts, and perceived suffering?” (PAUSE)

‘She’ is allowing all those reflections to just wash away with this watery moon and open her heart to the possibilities in every moment. ‘She’ is committed to mastery, embodying  that which ‘she’ shares by experiencing life with presence. ‘She’ can attest that within the moment, there is a magic that unfolds! An opportunity to discover, explore, play and create something NEW!
Shall we continue to purify and regenerate? Welcoming in Creation…another life cycle to begin? This time around do you want to savor it and reach a deeper layer of experience within the moment and the chambers of our collective heart?

‘She’ gently replies…’Yes’, as she inhales the depths within her heart!

With Gratitude for all of you being here and there…

‘She’ (aka suzanne)

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