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Shining a LIGHT on those in Service {share with ‘she’ ones that you love}: |Casa De Paz | Global Tea Hut {The Center…Life Meets Life}…connect to the community | Tree Life Tea | Moved by LOVE

Ekatva US UK Tour | Wednesdays with Hermas Lassalle | Foster the Future | Little Free Library
Transition Mar Vista  & Joyful Activist|ubdrumcircles |OneWorldYouthProject |  ConsciousAlliance | Peace Chain

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RandomRab…New gift SONG “BEST FRIEND”… MCYogi…Be The CHANGE |
Anne Heaton..Her NEW Video The Alchemist is HERE HONEYCOMB
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TheAlbumLeaf | LarisaStow | RockyDuwani | Bitterroot
DNA | KuriousityStudio | EverythingIndicates YeSheMusic | SoulSilver
Riley Ethridge | Tara Rose Davison | Matt Jazz the list goes on and on and on…the medicine is eternal.
***FUN Random Act of Kindness…purchase some art, music, books, poetry, movies, tickets to a show and gift it to someone with a card, a smile and signed by no one…THEN…DING DONG ‘GIFT’ and RUN!

Want to align, create and actualize your vision?…Moving through a Transition ?

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