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Join ‘She’ and Derrick Ashong as he shares “Take back the Mic” and, a platform that rewards fans for sharing the music they love. Derrick is one of the creators of Take Back the Mic…The world cup of Hip Hop. is music, culture and media platform to engage the musicians and fans to cultivate authentic culture and empower new voices to be heard around the world. He will share the importance of communication with music and our words. Learn how you can get involved, support their growth and connect to a new way of engaging with music and/or the fans.



Take Back the MIC


Check and get involved with

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City Kid Foundation


Crew Peligrosos – Mera Vuelta (Colombia)

Five Steez – Wild West Indies (Jamaica)…(Listen Here)

Joel da Silva – Coisas da Vida (Brazil)


DNA – From The Soul and To Be Free

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