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Join ‘She’ and Jane Hardwicke Collings, creator of Moonsong. Jane is dedicated to empowering Mothers and Maidens to model a healthy way of being a woman in our current world system. Jane will share her wisdom and inspiration that can assist mothers and maidens to become informed. Embrace the seasons within each moon cycle. Her wealth of knowledge and experience flow effortlessly in this broadcast and will leave you wanting to learn more.


About: Jane Harwicke Collings is an independent midwife from Australia, who has been attending homebirths since 1984. She is herself a homebirth mother of four, a grandmother and a teacher of the Women’s Mysteries. She gives workshops, writes books and has founded The School of Shamanic Midwifery.

Jane has trained in Shamanic practices with James M Harvey, aka Blackbear and has had many wonderful teachers including Midwife Maggie Lecky Thompson, Birthkeeper Jeannine Parvati Baker and Teacher and Author Cedar Barstow.

“The stress sensitive barometer in women, the menstrual cycle is an exquisite system for sensing both physical and psychological well-being. Menstruation is an initiatory time, when women can potentially open to a highly charged altered state, giving them access to a singular kind of power.

The power of self awareness, deep feeling, knowingness, intuition. A power that matures over time with each cycle.” Alexandra Pope


Jane Hardwicke Collings Moonsong
Thirteen Moons

Article: Understanding Your Cycles
Music: Chandra by Michelle Dumond

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