BeSimply…Sacral Healing Part II & III {Love Self}



The Sacral Region. Healing, Transforming and Embodying the Sacredness…

Part II Become Empowered by the Possibility.

What it is and how we can stop participating.

The path to healing…How to learn to stand in your own truth and avoid being manipulated and/or manipulate others. The need to control or be controlled is rooted in a base fear.

We will explore fears, manipulations, and the practice to release the cycle and reconnect to your sacredness.

The things we might of wish we had known earlier in life…

Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self?

Music by
Heart Sutra by Wah

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During this segment:

The Sacral Region.

Healing, Transforming and Embodying the Sacredness…Part III Embracing the sacredness of the sacral region…Tools revealed to transform, heal and embrace your inner potential and creativity. This is a beautiful segment to share with teens and ‘self’.

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