BeSimply…Invisible Girl {Cynthia Luce}


Join ‘She’ and Cynthia Luce as they explore her book, Invisible Girl, wisdom and

compassion for those impacted by not being seen.

Cynthia has shared, “If you are not willing to look at the problem, then you are part of it.”

Invisible Girl provides personal narratives of serious problems plaguing society today and what happens when children go unseen, unheard and remain invisible. Cynthia Luce opens up in an incredibly insightful manner, addressing concerns that destroy our youth and change the path of their future. She takes you on an invaluable and heart wrenching journey to understand what happens to children who are subjected to being bullied, living in foster homes, surviving on the streets, in abusive situations and more. She shares painful experiences that torment children, often at the hands of adults.

More importantly, she offers solutions to preventing negative situations from devastating children or your own life.


Cynthia Luce

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