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 Join Murray Hidary and ‘She’ as he shares his music, wisdom, the inspiration behind MindTravel, non-duality, duality and the power of focus.

About Murray Hidary


Murray Hidary attended New York University with a major in Music and Composition and is an accomplished composer, photographer and entrepreneur.

He created MindTravel to bring a transporting and expansive experience to audiences worldwide. MindTravel, which started as a personal practice for Murray many years ago brings both music and visual art together to take people on a powerful journey. A journey that is at once provocative and reflective, healing and transcending.

His photography has been shown in galleries and museums across the country including the San Francisco MOMA, New York University, The Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Guggenheim Museum.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Murray is a world-class serial entrepreneur expressing his creativity through ideas. His ventures are ideas in action, pioneering new ways of doing things and building great teams.

He is currently touring MindTravel, composing new work, hiking and meditating in beautiful places.



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