3 Cups of Tea…3 Questions with ‘She’




Clairvoyant Session: 3 Cups of Tea & 3 Questions with ‘She’

The clairvoyant session will give you answers to 3 questions that are most pressing in your life. During, the session ‘She’ will sit with 3 bowls of tea and will access the realm of the unseen to provide you with an objective and clairvoyant answers to your questions. Simultaneously, ‘She’ will guide you to recognize where the answers to your questions exist within you. Sometimes in life you need or want a sounding board to guide you in making a choice or assist you in focusing your attention in where it is needed. When you take a few moments to identify how to listen for the answer with the guidance from ‘She’, you will discover the root need/want within your question and will be given a vision of what is rising on the horizon. You will be able to move forward with greater certainty.  

The results: clarity, next steps, suggested tool(s) to assist in the process and bigger picture perspective to what exists beyond the questions you have.


Sessions are available locally in SoCal (USA)

and via phone/internet over 3 bowls of tea.

Exchange: $108

Duration: 54 Minutes

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tea ceremony

Meditation and Tea Ceremony

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