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Shining a Light on…

“The giant redwoods in the Rotorua forest will be illuminated this week by artfully suspended, multicolored lanterns.

Acclaimed designer David Trubridge took to the trees to create a spectacle of lights, named the Redwoods Nightlights, high up in a treewalk in New Zealand.

The popular eco-tourism spot will take visitors on a magical tour unlike anything they have ever seen.” Katie Medlock


The Redwoods Treewalk allows visitors to travel the world’s longest suspended walkway, attracting 500,000 people each year.

Trubridge’s Nightlights project will kick off this week and remain on display throughout the summer and winter months.

Creating the lanterns to be hardy enough to withstand Mother Nature, yet graceful enough as to appear weightless, was a challenge.

Some of the creations hang 25 meters off the ground and all are much larger than Trubridge usually designs.

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