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“Spider Woman…reminding us to live the dream. You decide where you want to place your attention!” ~She

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“While there are endless creation stories, each self can decide how one wants to relate to the metaphors that are presented in these teachings. In addition, in the simplest form one can take the time to reflect on the cause and effect in every situation and take note how important the precision and attention to detail in the final outcome of anything that is created. Nature illustrates through color, texture, light, sound, patterns, smells and tastes the endless opportunities that are possible within each moment, creation, art form and vision. It is up to each self to discern where and when to place their attention and the process will determine how long one will have to hold it there.”

~ She


Shining a Light On…

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Burel is the son of Helen Naha, brother of Sylvia and Rainy Naha, grandson of Paqua Naha and nephew of Joy Navasie.

He was born into the Hopi-Tewa Spider Clan in 1944.

While he learned something about the traditional way of making pottery from his mother as he grew up, he earned a BA at Brigham Young University after high school and became a school teacher for many years.

Then he returned to making pottery.

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