BeSimply… Mind You and Food: Unlocking Your Potential


Food. You. Unlock Your Potential. Cultivate Well Being and Be in Harmony.

You and Food will guide you to unlocking your potential and bring you into harmony. This program is designed to assist you in learning how to maintain a state of well being …Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

This on-going class will equip you with the support, tools and education to regain wellness in your life. You will examine your relationship with ‘self’. In addition, you will identify where have imbalances. The catalyst to unlocking your potential will be through cultivating  a practice. The practice will refine your self awareness, compassion and understanding the significance of your relationship with Inner ‘self’ (aka soul), Outer ‘self’. Food will become your guide and bridge your inner world to your outer world.  This is an ideal opportunity for you if you are ready to learn how to care for yourself.

If you struggle with low self worth, currently physically, emotionally or mentally out of balance, high levels of stress/anxiety and/or poor eating habits (Which include: binge eating, compulsive dieting, cleanse dependency, trend food consumption, food restriction/denial and/or transitioning from an eating disorder program) this program is for you.  Finally, this program can be used as an integrative approach with other Treatment Programs Wellness Lifestyles, and Eastern/Western Health Practices.

Each Lunar Cycle is taught in accordance with the Season.

(You can join in at any time)

Start the class at anytime and set the pace at which you want to engage with the program (i.e. – a full year, month by month, a month per season). The class is available on-line, in-person and one-on-one. 

An orientation will be offered to new students entering the program.

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