BeSimply…Summer Food {Regenerate}


Summer Food. Food Alchemy…Listening to YOU!

Summer Food. Regenerate You. Simple ways to nourish self with ease.

‘She’ will assist you to connect deeper to food, others and the world around you.

You will learn how easy it is to nourish self. Easy ideas on how to keep good foods in your kitchen.

Effortless ways to prepare meals and snack.

In addition, ‘She’ will share how to check in with self and how to listen to what your body needs.

You will begin to understand how to identify how to bring balance to your life by deepen your connection to self.

The result will be that you will understand how to cultivate inner and external ease, harmony and balance in your life.

Summer Crops are filled with minerals and nutrients to replenish the body and prepare for the winter season.

Music Hello Sunshine Jimmy Cliff and Anne Heaton Jump

Suzanne Toro

On Going Food Alchemy Class

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3 Cups of Tea and 3 Questions with ‘She’


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