BeSimply…VAM {Sound & Silence}


Guided Meditation

 ‘She’ will lead you in a 15 minute guided meditation. The harmonics coupled with moments of silence will help you cultivate inner peace. We will explore the vibrational sound and mantra of VAM. This sound is associated with your sacral energy. This energy center is located at between your hips. This area governs your ability to create, nourish, regenerate and purify self. By meditating on this region of the body, one can heal and transform this energy center.

During the visualization she will encourage you to connect to your breath, your center and Silence. These segments are a great way to start a meditation practice. In addition, the meditations will help reduce stress, anxiety and fear.


Connecting to your Peace, Voice and Heart!

Music She’ and Music Suzanne Sterling Jai Ma

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