How to gain respect and honor from yourself and others? BeSimply…


Honor + Respect


Clients, family members and friends have shared with me that they “deserve to be respected”. Shortly after this statement flows from their lips, there is a conditional stance that follows…

“If he/she does not do ___________, I am not going to ____________.”

Potentially, everyone has either experienced someone trying to control them and/or wanted to achieve some sense of control over another and/or a situation. These situations are often rooted in a fear or in response to an action that “needs” to be met. Furthermore, when we demand respect, it is a red flag that person is not respecting and honoring self.

If inspired, you can take matters into your own hands. You will start by observing when the need for control rises up within you. These moments might be placated with an attempt to get someone or something to “give” you what you can actually “give” yourself. In addition, there could be undertones of righteousness and/or overtones of low self worth  that are infused in your thoughts, words and actions. All of which, will lead you into seeing your pattern. By the time you complete the semantics, you might feel depleted and at a loss for how to actually source what you need/want. These moments can create divisions in relationships, life and the world around you. By observing yourself in the pattern then you can begin to practice a new way of responding to self.

If you want to redirect your pattern and practice respect and honor daily, it has to start from within you. When you take responsibility for ‘self’, then you will soon realize how to naturally respect and honor you.

Where do you go next?

First, you can examine how you are currently respecting your mind (this is addressed by acknowledging the quality of thoughts you have and the quality of day to day actives that require your mind’s assistance). Second, you can acknowledge the quality of your emotions and interpersonal relationships with ‘self’ and others. Third, you can observe how you are taking care of your physical body (the quality of food, water, rest and movement that you nourish your body with). Finally, you can ask yourself if you are nourishing your soul on a daily basis (do you have a spiritual practice?). When you learn how to honor your entire being you will be able to retain your natural state of harmony. A new pattern will emerge and you will begin to understand how to respect self and others.

Simply put it starts with you. How we respect yourself is very personal and will be different. Once you have a deeper under standing of what your needs/wants are…you will naturally share a respectful sentiment, action and thought with another. Which will lead to a lot more fun on a daily basis and healthier relationships. Overtime, you will realize that everything you need/want can be identified from within. You have the free will to find and gather what is needed externally and internally. As inspired, be honest with ‘self’, look inside and tend to all aspects of you. You will notice once you shift this pattern that others will naturally mirror back to you the same respect that you are embodying and giving yourself.

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