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Tis the season to transition into reception and introspection in the Northern Hemisphere. We are gently being invited to slow down, harvest and store food (resources) for winter, and let go of what we have been holding onto internally. This opportunity creates “space” for new experiences with ‘self’ and others that help us learn, grow and enjoy the moments that are unfolding around us.

Letting Go…

In addition, the Fall provides us with the conditions to welcome us to let go of self arising and unresolved grief. When, we hold onto unresolved grief, past stories and/or repress grief that naturally arises in the present moment, we weaken the energy of the lungs. The prolonged disharmony in the lungs can lead to depression and reduce the strength of our mind, heart, and body. Hence, this is why during the fall into the winter, lung conditions and flus are considered common. Furthermore, the reduction of energy in the lungs can lead to digestive and elimination issues. In Chinese medicine, the Lungs (Yin) are responsible for taking in the oxygen to assist us in thinking clearly and our body operating optimally. The large intestines (Yang) are responsible for releasing the waste the no longer serves. When one part of these supporting organs becomes out of balance, it will eventually create an imbalance within you.  I have experienced the druthers of holding onto large amounts of grief from this lifetime of others, which lead to the use of an inhaler and other medications (for adult onset of asthma. Basically, the medications were placating the unresolved emotions). By taking the time to self examine and with the assistance of some beloved practitioners and one close to me (Thank you…Colin HudonBaylen Slote and Thomas Ardavany), I was able to finally self-examine what was being held onto and finally make a choice to let it go. During this process, I ultimately made a choice to let go of the series of internal conflicts that had created the constriction and damned back my emotions. Finally, I put down my inhaler when I realized I could no longer sustain the tug of war within my heart, body, mind and soul. The result, over several months my breathing returned to normal, grief and anger began to lift off and digestion and lungs found harmony. 

A simply approach to processing grief and sadness is to provide yourself the space to be with the emotions, digest them and then eliminate them (let them go). Letting go means lying them down. You do not need to keep returning to the old story, memory or situation. You can give yourself permission to find neutral and move forward. When this occurs, you create more space for positive emotions to fill our lives and hearts. The sadness and/or grief actually is providing you with the opportunity to clean house and welcome in the new. It is our attachment to a situation, person and/or place that prevents us from moving on. 

Activities to support the LET GO…

+LET ‘SSSS’ G O … Football. A lot of cheering for someone or something with a prolonged ‘SSSS’ sound helps release toxicity and negative energies stored in the longs. Full permission to HISSSSS on or off the field. HAVE fun! Release the energy!

+Deep Breathing. DAILY. Fill the belly and lungs to capacity with air. As you exhale, release through the mouth and gently press the tongue against the teeth. 

+Eat warm foods. Primary flavor…Pungent. Some supportive foods: garlic, leek, onion, ginger, sweet potato, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, celery, cucumber, mustard greens, radish, walnuts, almonds, black pepper, chili, cinnamon, cardamom, rice, navy beans, soy beans, miso, apricot, pear, banana and eggs. 

+Integrative approach: Self Care (meditation, self massage, walks in nature, conserve energy, sleep more), Acupuncture, Massage and herbal supplements as prescribed.  ​


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