BeSimply…Harmony + ‘A’ Breath {Presence}


Many people around the world have been reflecting on the world’s state of affairs. While, it is honorable to think of others in their time of need, it can also feel overwhelming. However, you can help. You can assist the world around you by bringing yourself into harmony. When we live in balance with self, we will have greater ability to retain harmony with self and the world around us. 

Imagine if Humanity was in Harmony.

Harmony is our natural state of being. Yet, we are susceptible to creating imbalance (in the mind, hearty, body and soul). 

The sooner the disharmony is identified and addressed the easier it will be to bring self back into balance. 

A simple practice to assist in retaining and/or remembering how to retain harmony:

The check in, after waking up, take a minimum of 10-20 minutes of silent repose (seated or lying down)

+Observe the state of your mind (without judgement).  Is it empty, quiet, busy, scattered or…

+Observe the state of your emotions and physical heart. 

                                  What and How are you “feeling&emoting”?

+Observe the state of the physical body. 

+Then, ask yourself, How do I want to ‘be’ today? 

                              What do I need to assist my mind, heart (emotions) and body?

                              How/What does my soul (highest state of being) want to express itself?

By taking time daily to be present and honest with ‘self’, you will have greater understanding of how to move through your day with ease, how to retain a state of harmony and maintain presence. 

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